The Zen of Heraclitus: A quote book of presocratic philosophy

Author: Liam A Faulkner

ISBN: 1230000234965 (Kobo)

ASIN: B00JoJ9G30

Pg: 83 approx.

Publication date: April 14 2014


The Zen of Heraclitus presents the reader with 60 thought provoking quotes from twelve of the earliest writers in the Western philosophic tradition. As Faulkner explains in the introduction, the parallels between the ‘simple, transcendental wisdom’ of these ancient thinkers and the ‘personal enlightenment emphasized in the Buddhist tradition’ are striking; The Zen of Heraclitus acts as as concise introduction to both.

Beginning with an overview of the Presocratic philosophers, placing them in their historical context, as well as a brief biography of Heraclitus of Ephesus and an introduction to his work, the book divides its carefully selected and translated quotes into topics covering: The Stuff of the Universes, The Hidden Truth, Wisdom, and The Divine.

Perfect for students of history, philosophy or Buddhism, or those simply curious of mind, The Zen of Heraclitus is intended as an easy inroad to the wisdom of the ancient world. Presenting each quote on its own page, free of notes or interpretation, the author allows the reader to focus on the words and find their own truth within.

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