Philosophy: The Best Bits – Aristotle

CoverAuthor: Liam A Faulkner

ISBN: 1230000894272 (Kobo)


Pg: 131 approx.

Publication date: January 18 2016


Philosophy: The Best Bits is your guide to the world of philosophical thought, navigating the pre-socratic to the pragmatic, German idealism to post-structuralism, western to eastern, ancient to modern thought. Written by authors established in their field, each book is designed to give the reader a concise introduction to the title topic. Prefaced by a brief biography of the philosopher in question along with a summary of their major works and an overview of their place within the world philosophical tradition, Philosophy: The Best Bits then presents the reader with 100 powerful quotes – literally the best bits of the chosen philosophy.

The first title, Aristotle: Quotes from the father of Western Science, examines the life and legacy of one of philosophy’s original titans, the creator of the first comprehensive system of thought in western history that lay the foundations of what we today recognize as science.

Continually ranked amongst the most important individuals in the history of human thought, Aristotle is a true pillar of philosophical and scientific enquiry upon whom much of our modern understanding of the world and our place in it still rests. In this concise and informative text, Liam A Faulkner, author of The Zen of Heraclitus and Ancient Medicine: Sickness and Health in Greece and Rome, brings his engaging style to bear on classical Greek philosophy, opening the reader’s eyes to inspiring quotes from one of the greatest minds ever to have lived.

Expert or novice, student or armchair enthusiast, Philosophy: The Best Bits – Aristotle: Quotes from the father of Western Science is the perfect overview of this important contributor to western philosophy and a must have for every inquisitive reader.

Philosophy: The Best Bits – Aristotle is currently available for Kindle and at the Kobo store, and can be read on all of the devices below.