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BOOM: Vestigial Tales has a cover! We’re one step closer to the actual release.

This short book of my flash fiction is being published by Legends, the fiction imprint of Ichabod Press and is due to appear in ebook form later this month with a paperback version following in due course.

Containing 106 short stories of no more than 140 characters each and lovely original illustrations by Maria Astakhova, I can’t wait to share the finished product with you.

Watch this space for more news and, of course, links to the actual book!

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Legends: The fiction imprint of Ichabod Press

Ichabod Press is please to announce the official launch of Legends, our very first fiction imprint!


Legends’ inaugural publication will be Vestigial Tales, a collection of very short flash fiction by writer Liam Aidan due out later this month (August 2014). Stay tuned for more details on this any many other forthcoming publications as well as our submission process and guidelines.

If you have a new and interesting story to tell, we want to make it a legend!

Be sure to follow our blog here and on Twitter for all the latest news and developments.

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New Philosophy Quotes Series Launched

Following the successful publication of The Zen of Heraclitus: A quote book of Presocratic Philosophy last month, Ichabod Press is pleased to announce that we have commissioned author Liam A Faulkner to write two new collections of quotes from Ancient Greek philosophy.

The ebooks, one of which will focus on Plato and the other on Aristotle, will begin with a brief biography of the philosopher in question along with an introduction to their major works and an overview of their place within the Western philosophical tradition, before presenting the reader with 100 inspiring quotes.

The first of these new titles is due out later this year with the second appearing early 2015.

You can find out more about Liam A Faulkner by visiting his Twitter profile here: @LiamAFaulkner

The Zen of Heraclitus is available on Amazon Kindle and Kobo for just 99c/p and will be appearing on iBooks very soon.

Please give us a follow and check back regularly for more information about this and other ebook series from Ichabod Press, and don’t forget to find us on Twitter-Logo-600x221

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New history and philosophy title for 2014:

Forthcoming from Ichabod Press, The Zen of Heraclitus: A quote book of presocratic philosophy, will be the first title in our history ebook series.

Written by history writer and researcher Liam A Faulkner, The Zen of Heraclitus presents the reader with 60 thought provoking quotes from twelve of the earliest writers in the Western philosophic tradition. As Faulkner explains in the introduction, the parallels between the ‘simple, transcendental wisdom’ of these ancient thinkers and the ‘personal enlightenment emphasised in the Buddhist tradition’ are striking; The Zen of Heraclitus acts as as concise introduction to both.

Beginning with an overview of the Presocratic philosophers, placing them in their historical context, as well as a brief biography of Heraclitus of Ephesus and an introduction to his work, the book divides its carefully selected and translated quotes into topics covering: The Stuff of the Universes, The Hidden Truth, Wisdom, and The Divine.

Perfect for students of history, philosophy or Buddhism, or those simply curious of mind, The Zen of Heraclitus is intended as an easy inroad to the wisdom of the ancient world. Presenting each quote on its own page, free of notes or interpretation, the author allows the reader to focus on the words and find their own truth within.

Liam A Faulkner is the author of numerous articles about the ancient world. The Zen of Heraclitus is his second history book and first from Ichabod Press.

Due to be published in May 2014, The Zen of Heraclitus will be available on Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble NOOK, Kobo, and iBooks. Please follow Ichabod Press for updates about the release of this and many other titles as well as access to special offers and promotional discounts.

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About Ichabod Press

Ichabod Press is a new independent publisher of engaging non-fiction and quality fiction titles. We are still working on getting everything up and running here, but please check back regularly for updates and information on forthcoming releases.

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