Philosophy: The Best Bits – Aristotle

Ichabod Press is pleased to announce that Philosophy: The Best Bits – Aristotle is now available as an ebook from the Amazon Kindle and the Kobo stores.


Aristotle: Quotes from the father of Western Science, examines the life and legacy of one of philosophy’s original titans, the creator of the first comprehensive system of thought in western history that lay the foundations of what we today recognize as science.

Prefaced by a brief biography along with a summary of the ancient Greek thinker’s major works and an overview of their place within the world philosophical tradition, Philosophy: The Best Bits – Aristotle then presents the reader with 100 powerful quotes – literally the best bits of Aristotelian philosophy!

You can find out more about this book by visiting it’s dedicated page here.

Don’t forget that more Philosophy: The Best Bits titles are due out later this year so be sure to follow this blog and check back regularly for all latest news and updates.

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