Christmas Sale – Flash Fiction for just $1.99

Christmas is nearly upon us and at Ichabod Press that can mean only one thing: it’s time for festive ebook sales!

For the next month only, pick up the Kindle edition of Liam Aidan’s Vestigial Tales: Short stories in 140-odd characters for just $1.99


From the crew of a spaceship burning up upon re-entry to one woman’s sad musings over a lonely dead fish, quick-fire pick-up lines that don’t quite have the desired effect or crazed, murderous rants by an accountant pushed the edge, Vestigial Tales presents the reader with unforgettable characters and all manner of strange and fantastical worlds explored through 106 short stories each just 140 characters in length.

With original illustrations by Maria Astakhova, and a first line index of all the stories included at the back, Vestigial Tales is a must-have for all fans of flash and micro fiction.

Happy Holidays from everyone at Ichabod Press – books you’re just burning to read!


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